Future Stories

Hi. This post about mod “Future Stories” for GTA 4. Here will be posted wip, images and videos, downloadable content. This mod is about cyberpunk world with bionics, psionics, aliens, robots and a lot of other things that we’ll bring on ourselves in future.

In comments area of this post you can feedback about this mod


I’m making big GTA 4 mod about cyberpunk world called “Future Stories” and hoping to make videos of that stories. I will post some images and wips of it. It’s one of first images that i have made.

Project going very slow, snail can beat it in the race as supersonic airplane)
But IT WON’T DIE, until I have hands and at least some low resources.
At the end it may turn into separate game but mod will be made at first.

;If you would like to help me or know more about moding write in comments.

///I am intrested in works and ideas of other people and if you created or saw intresting character, picture, model, story that would feet mod please post link in comments.

///Share your ideas, suggestions about movies, books, tutorials that can help me in research for this work

///I’m not GREAT in drawing, modeling, writting, scripting and other stuff, I just CAN and WILL. So if you can make anything better or atleast willing to try I would appreciate it.

///SAY SOMETHING!)))) It’s allways nice to have some feedback.(“Are you Interested in project?” “You think it’s impossible,aren’t you?””Are you alive?”)

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