NONEman gameplay

This NONE guy – shady character it seems to me))))
What was his goal?? why he did all that, how he survived???
QUESTIONS,questions, questions – we might never know.))

-haven’t post a while. but few mods going to be done..

UNDER_SIGHT, X-POWER mostly impros and editted to suit this video
Not realy machinima more x-p playing around in Garry’s mod CyberPunkYSH kind of style. A lot of mods I used in this video most of them eddited by me to fit my needs.
–In future I’ll post complete pack of GMOD mods I eddited to shoot and play around.
one of mods includes this None char, so you’ll see him again.

a little try of scenebuild
and some future scifi fps thirdperson game(like)
don’t have enough of that stuff. mostly replaying old “CHROME” and other games.
Would like to see more of that kind games and with low specs cause don’t see point
in having them grabb a lot of resources.
“they cool as they are and don’t need for it 4k”
going to rip somer models from these kind of old games and post here and reuse. many cool models left in thoes games and just gathering dust.(de_dust2 – :-) )

Some Screens from machinima (low quality youtube don’t have footage anymore

—Spiderman player model
(Web of Shadows NPCS by Jason278, reuploaded by Lorgin)

—Edited texture of None by me
(not realy something special just wanted him DARK.
blending with darkness, none existing.

—Made overlay animated texture for interface.
(animation by me but design not mine, long time ago used for GTA4, don’t remember author. if someone know name leave comment. Definetly will CREDIT him, GREAT job.)

—Used models ported to CS GO bone merged to npcs and painted transperent them
(used models ported to CS Source and another CS games AMAZING JOB DONE by moders looked cool to play with)

—Mass effect vehicles from FACEPUNCH(long live!)

–skin of NONE (when link will die it will be truly none skin :-))

ps. in transperent green matrix texture is npc from Underhell hl2 mod

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