Type in comments what mods you would like to see. Mods about future has higher priority.

Modding Request should contain:
-Your Nickname
-Your email for contact
-Some info about mod
-Links to pictures, videos (references)
-_-_-If you have or know where to get 3d models, textures and etc for requested mod. add links too(It Would be GREAT!)

——-when mod will be completed I’ll credit YOU—–
(if you won’t ask not to do that)

You can leave here your ideas for mods, wich game to mod, add character, texture, rip model from game, create from scratch, from parts, edit, make animation, picture or MACHINIMA.

If you like someones request add reply to his comment with +.

requests here is more like SUGETIONS. wich intrests me I’ll reply

and which I chose to make will take time.
(realy, realy, realy…. slow, so consider this when requesting.)

19 thoughts on “Requests”

  1. Could you make a JFK ped model next? You can get him from Black Ops or converting him from the San Andreas playermod. It’d be great if you can get all four (JFK, Castro, Nixon, and McNamara) from Black Ops, but JFK would be the best!

    They look like this:

    Here are all unrigged Black Ops models:


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